View of Dafther Jailany Rock Cave Mosque, Sri Lanka
Dafther Jailany Rock Cave Mosque, Sri Lanka

Dafthar Jailani

Dafther Jailany, at the edge of the Balangoda plateau in the Ratnapura district of Sri Lanka, is a mountain retreat on the ancient road from Galle to Ratnapura and Adam's Peak. The rock cave mosque at Dafter Jailani, or Kurugala (15 miles off Balangoda) towering thousands of feet above land level, covered with dense jungle growth, was the meditation centre of one of the greatest saints in Islamic history, Sheikh Muhiyadeen Abdul Qadir Gilani.

The Saint and Dafter Jailany are linked by more than name: rock carvings, Arabic inscriptions, writings, tombstones an dlegend indicate that the saint meditated at Dafther Jailany for a period, and there are many stories about the saint's visit and his impact on Dafther Jailany. Today, Dafther Jailany is the main focal point for Sufism in Sri Lanka, and this is the story of this sacred rock cave mosque.

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